EU Vat ID checker

Validates the EU VAT Id during the checkout process, and assigns a new group to the shopper. Includes Geolocator for Joomla.
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Automatic EU VAT ID Validation

This plugin is usefull for European shops, where VAT rules are specific:

This plugin offers a new shopperfield for registration.

It checks for you, if the customer comes from Europe, the validity of the given EU VAT ID, and assign a new group. The results of the live check are stored in your database as proof of the check.

Using Bill-To address of vendor and shopper Live validation of the tax id at VIES VAT number validation Store history of the results for legally compliance.

Price without tax displayed for non european customers

The correct prices without tax for non european customers can also be shown, installing the Geolocator component. In this case, the anonymous users outside of Europe are directly assigned into the shoppergroup which has not to pay tax.

Please note: the demo store is configured using German EU Vat id. While guests or shoppers situated inside of Germany or shoppers with no or invalid EU Vat id will have to pay vat tax, shoppers situated outside Germany within EU with valid EU Vat id or shoppers outside the EU do not have to pay vat tax. Automatically assigned by iStraxx EU Vat id checker - change adress in account view or cart to see the change in cart.

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