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Simulates being logged in as other user. Extend your VirtueMart with ability to change your shoppers.
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Extends your VirtueMart with a module to create or change shopper

You can use the module to proceed whole checkout for another shopper. You can either select an existing shopper or create a new.With this module now you are able to checkout phone, mail, or other manual orders within your system fluently.Our module works within Joomla ACL, it allows you to set and finetune permissions for this function for your shoppers or restrict it to your managers or super admins only.

basic setup: (e.g. checkout for phone order)
- super user can switch to every user or create new user

advanced setup: (e.g. superuser controls vendor with users per vendor)
- requires Joomla user group for vendors
- requires Virtuemart multivendor configuration (link to docs)
- vendor with acl right to create/edit/manage users can switch or create new
- vendor can view and select his created users only (#__virtuemart_vendor_users)
- sales report and product management for vendor products via vendor administration interface
- super user can switch to every user or create new user and view all content and reports

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