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The cartsaver makes order creation for customers easy. Use stored carts as pattern for ordering per phone. 

It stores all relevant data of cart. Any product, shipment, payment, coupon, userfields. User can easily reuse preconfigured carts.

User action fields:
- Store current cart to this entry
- Update saved cart entry information without storing current cart (e.g. change name, note, or sort order)
- Select this cart
- Preview saved cart
- Delete this entry

Data fields:
- Cart name
- Cart note
- this cart entry products sum
- this cart entry total amount


How can I access the cartsaver views in frontend?
To access the cartsave plugin please create e.g. a menu item "cartsaver" type external URL. Use ../index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=cartsaver

Where do I find the views for custom layout adjustments?
License owners are allowed to adjust the views in \plugins\vmextended\istraxx_cartsaver\tmpl

How do I change sort order of cart items?
Change sort order of your cart products per drag and drop - there is a drag button in the cart view, beside the update product quantitiy elements.

Cartsaver demo


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